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Barcelona, Spain

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Howdy, Y'all! 


My name is Frank Salas from Fort Worth, Texas. I'm a Professional Entrepreneur.


My JOB is Creating & Building Businesses for Profit.


My DUTY is Social Change.

I firmly believe the world is changed by Entrepreneurs.

We see the world & people for how they CAN be, not how they are.

And We've Decided to Do Something About It!




I've Founded Over 20 Companies in My Career (so far!)

Below You'll find a Slice of my "Presentable" Companies.

Just know that I am ALWAYS (Always!!!) working on something new for my Portfolio.

I am Addicted to Entrepreneurship. It's suuuch a fun game!



Prague, Czech Republic


Salas Staffing is a Boutique Outsourcing Firm that Connects Entrepreneurs & Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises with Fortune 5000 Caliber Talent from Emerging Nations.

Save up to 90% on Payroll.

Save up to
100% on Payroll Taxes, Unemployment Insurance, & Office Expenses.



 Talented Mr. Salas Consulting 

I offer Consulting to Businesses & Entrepreneurs with my Double-Expertise in Marketing & Operations.




Salas Games is an Indie Gaming Studio Specializing In:


  • Online Multiplayer Games

  • Video Game Asset Production

  • Corporate Learning with Virtual Reality


Work With Me

Lisbon, Portugal



  • Strategy

  • Consulting

  • Advertising

  • Branding

  • New Customer Acquisition

  • Market Share Acquisition

  • Social Media

  • Telemarketing Teams


  • Strategy

  • Consulting

  • Implementation (Full + Partial)

  • International Recruiting

  • Business Documentation (SOPs)

  • Company Culture Creation

  • Customer Service Teams


Talk is Cheap.

Results are Priceless.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

“My time is my most valuable resource. Frank Salas helped me create systems, processes, & layers around my career & lifestyle that allows me to focus on my income-producing activities.

Mr. Rick Gonazales

Fortune 500 Executive

“Frank Salas recruited, trained & implemented two remote teams from around the world that are saving me $500,000.00 a year in Business Expenses.”

Mr. Matthew Weaver

California & Nevada

Fitness Chain Owner

results tc logo.png

“Frank Salas Recruited, Trained, Onboarded & Implemented an Executive Assistant to help me launch my new startup. I'm able to focus on growing my business while my assistant operates my business.”

Mrs. Kate Yanov-Birtch

Founder, Property Protect

Property Protect.png


Join Me & Entrepreneurs from All Around the World as we Grow & Scale Our Businesses!

  • Conference Calls

  • Live Events

  • Master Classes

  • Growth-Hack-A-Thons

  • Startup Pitch Nights

  • Networking Events

Austin, Texas, USA


Connect With Frank

Phone Number:  512-580-3777 




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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bali, Indonesia

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