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Serial Entrepreneur


 Frank Salas

Barcelona, Spain

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Meet Frank Salas

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Howdy, Y'all! 


My name is Frank Salas from Fort Worth, Texas. I'm a Professional Entrepreneur.


My JOB is Creating & Building Businesses for Profit.


My DUTY is Social Change.

I firmly believe the world is changed by Entrepreneurs.

We see the world & people for how they CAN be, not how they are.

And We've Decided to Do Something About It!




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I've Founded Over 20 Companies in My Career (so far!)

Below You'll find a Slice of my "Presentable" Companies.

Just know that I am ALWAYS (Always!!!) working on something new for my Portfolio.

I am Addicted to Entrepreneurship. It's suuuch a fun game!



Prague, Czech Republic



Salas Staffing is a Boutique Outsourcing Firm that Connects Entrepreneurs & Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises with Fortune 5000 Caliber Talent from Emerging Nations.

Save up to 90% on Payroll.

Save up to
100% on Payroll Taxes, Unemployment Insurance, & Office Expenses.



Frank Salas Talented Mr Salas - Copy (1)

 Talented Mr. Salas Consulting 

I offer Consulting to Businesses & Entrepreneurs with my Double-Expertise in Marketing & Operations.



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Salas Games is an Indie Gaming Studio Specializing In:


  • Online Multiplayer Games

  • Video Game Asset Production

  • Corporate Learning with Virtual Reality


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Work With Me

Lisbon, Portugal



  • Strategy

  • Consulting

  • Advertising

  • Branding

  • New Customer Acquisition

  • Market Share Acquisition

  • Social Media

  • Telemarketing Teams


  • Strategy

  • Consulting

  • Implementation (Full + Partial)

  • International Recruiting

  • Business Documentation (SOPs)

  • Company Culture Creation

  • Customer Service Teams


Talk is Cheap.

Results are Priceless.

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Isla Mujeres, Mexico

“My time is my most valuable resource. Frank Salas helped me create systems, processes, & layers around my career & lifestyle that allows me to focus on my income-producing activities.

Mr. Rick Gonazales

Fortune 500 Executive

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“Frank Salas recruited, trained & implemented two remote teams from around the world that are saving me $500,000.00 a year in Business Expenses.”

Mr. Matthew Weaver

California & Nevada

Fitness Chain Owner

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“Frank Salas Recruited, Trained, Onboarded & Implemented an Executive Assistant to help me launch my new startup. I'm able to focus on growing my business while my assistant operates my business.”

Mrs. Kate Yanov-Birtch

Founder, Property Protect

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Join Me & Entrepreneurs from All Around the World as we Grow & Scale Our Businesses!

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  • Live Events

  • Master Classes

  • Growth-Hack-A-Thons

  • Startup Pitch Nights

  • Networking Events

Austin, Texas, USA


Connect With Frank

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Phone Number:  512-580-3777 




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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Bali, Indonesia